Myths About Mortgage Direct Mail

Over the years, direct mail has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with.  Many companies in a wide variety of industries have driven revenue through direct mail campaigns.  In particular, the mortgage industry has had great success with these campaigns.  However, there are still many lenders out there who are on the [...]

Best Practices for Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most trusted forms of advertising in the mortgage industry.  Mortgage lenders continue to be among our most popular clients due to the success their businesses have achieved using direct mail.  They love the results that direct mail marketing delivers - the high ROI, average 4.4% response [...]

Social Media in the Mortgage Industry

Social media has become a natural part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at home or at work, social media is present around us. Businesses of all sizes have benefited from the easy-to-use features of social media, and virtually every field has been affected, mostly positively, by the visibility and usability that a social [...]

Refinancing to Reduce the Mortgage Term

The ultimate goal of most consumers when they think about refinancing is to lower their payment and to reduce their interest rate.  Is this really their ultimate goal?  It is important that your mortgage loan originators ask all of the right questions when they are speaking to someone about what their ultimate goals are.  After [...]

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Make the Most of Your Marketing – Scotsman Guide, Aug. 2012

The right data and mail pieces are key to selling your services Many small to mid-sized mortgage companies that do not employ in-house marketing professionals tend to rely solely on what they think is the best approach to marketing their businesses. The problems and risks with this approach are readily apparent. If you wouldn’t go [...]

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Due To High Response Rates With Direct Mail For Refinancing, Many Shops Have Needed To Scale Down Efforts

Titan List and Mailing Services, a leading direct mail company in the mortgage industry, reports that some clients have reduced their number of mailings due to an increase in conversions, attributed to low interest rates and government implemented FHA and HARP programs.   Due to high response and loan conversion rates, Titan List and Mailing [...]

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Trigger Data Leads to Direct Mail Surge

With millions of homeowners looking to capitalize on new opportunities to refinance their mortgages with expanded FHA guidelines and HARP 2.0, the direct marketing industry is experiencing a surge in trigger data effectiveness. Titan List and Mailing Services discuss the challenges of capitalizing on time sensitive leads.    The economic climate is ripe for refinancing [...]

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New FHA Policy for MIP Leaves a Key Market Untapped

The new FHA Policy which lowered the upfront MIP to loans seasoned prior to May 31st 2009, has many mortgage shops flooding the market with advertisements targeting potential candidates. Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc., discusses the impact this is having on the mortgage industry. On June 11, 2012, the FHA lowered the Upfront Mortgage [...]

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