Data List Problems and How To Avoid Them

“Practice makes perfect.” How many times have you heard that statement? We’re willing to bet that you’ve heard it a lot throughout your life from your parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues. It may be cliche or oversaid, but it’s true. You improve a skill if you work on it and repeat it over and over [...]

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Finding The Perfect Mortgage Database

It’s no secret that mortgage lenders love using direct mail. Mortgage marketing has its unique challenges in that only certain people are in the market for a mortgage. Not only that, but buying a mortgage isn’t an impulse buy. It’s easy for marketers to create an ad that convinces someone to drop $75 on a [...]

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Ways To Be Certain That You’re Using An Excellent Data List

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re pretty obsessed with data over here at Titan List. On the blog, we’ve likened data lists to the foundation of a house, prime rib, clay, and much more. Our goal is to get marketers to understand the mailing list’s role in direct mail. Every direct mail pro knows (or [...]

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Upgrade Your Direct Mail Data List

You wouldn’t want to send out mailers with graphics handdrawn by a kindergartener, would you?  (Unless you were doing some type of campaign directed to parents of young children.  In that case, it might be a pretty cute and brilliant strategy!)  You also wouldn’t want your direct mail copy to be written by someone with [...]

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Trigger Data- Targeting the Right People at the Right Time

Think of everything that goes into executing a direct mail campaign. Copywriting, editing, graphic design, segmenting and/or updating a mailing list, paying for print and postage. It’s a lot!  It would be a shame to spend so much time and money on a direct mail campaign for your mailers to get ignored by your recipients. [...]

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All 3 Credit Bureaus in the Signup Process Required to Purchase Credit Data

Within the last few months, the credit bureau regulatory agencies have been clamping down on data list brokers that are selling illegal credit bureau data; Titan List and Mailing Services discusses their recent change to implement all 3 credit bureaus in the signup process required to purchase credit data, and the risks of doing business [...]

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Make the Most of Your Marketing – Scotsman Guide, Aug. 2012

The right data and mail pieces are key to selling your services Many small to mid-sized mortgage companies that do not employ in-house marketing professionals tend to rely solely on what they think is the best approach to marketing their businesses. The problems and risks with this approach are readily apparent. If you wouldn’t go [...]

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Due To High Response Rates With Direct Mail For Refinancing, Many Shops Have Needed To Scale Down Efforts

Titan List and Mailing Services, a leading direct mail company in the mortgage industry, reports that some clients have reduced their number of mailings due to an increase in conversions, attributed to low interest rates and government implemented FHA and HARP programs.   Due to high response and loan conversion rates, Titan List and Mailing [...]

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Trigger Data Leads to Direct Mail Surge

With millions of homeowners looking to capitalize on new opportunities to refinance their mortgages with expanded FHA guidelines and HARP 2.0, the direct marketing industry is experiencing a surge in trigger data effectiveness. Titan List and Mailing Services discuss the challenges of capitalizing on time sensitive leads.    The economic climate is ripe for refinancing [...]

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Titan List and Mailing Services Takes Print Advertising Into the Digital Age

Despite an increase in digital advertising, direct mail continues to be a relevant and effective method of business promotion. Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., shares its experience as a print business in the age of the Internet. Jared Braverman, director of marketing at Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc. has heard it all before: [...]

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