Why Direct Mail is More Promising Now Than Ever Before

Working in marketing, it’s fascinating to see how new technological developments have shaped the industry.  It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and online ads were unheard of.  Don’t let this make you think that direct mail is a thing of the past.  Despite all [...]

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Direct Mail vs Online Ads – Which Is More Effective

There’s a widespread misconception that online ads are superior to direct mail.  People assume that because our world is so digitized that the best way (or the only way) to advertise is with online ads.  These people think that direct mail is a thing of the past and ineffective.  Here we breakdown why direct mail [...]

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Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Advances in technology have transformed the business world, most significantly the ways that companies handle marketing and advertising.  Direct mail, one of the oldest marketing strategies, now competes against more forms of advertising than ever before, such as SEM, email marketing, social media ads - just to name a few.  So what does this mean [...]

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Email Subject Line Tips for Mortgage Professionals

In email marketing, the subject line of your email can make or break your mortgage email campaign.  In fact, statistics show that 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.  With that in mind, your subject line needs to be well-written and follow the email subject line tips below: Avoid spam-triggering filters [...]

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Social Media Headaches: What to Do When Great Content Doesn’t Deliver

 Many small businesses feel that they’re not seeing the value that they would like in their social media efforts.  They may be regularly posting on Twitter, but their comments aren’t being retweeted.  It could be that they’re generating great content on Facebook, but they don’t have very many followers.  If this is something that you’ve [...]

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