Top 3 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Fail

On the blog, we often talk about the amazing success that direct mail marketing can bring for you. We brag about its superior targeting capabilities; we show off the success our clients have had. It’s fun and easy to talk and write about the incredible impact that a direct mail campaign can have. Writing about [...]

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How Credit Bureau Data Can Increase Your Sales

Direct mail is very competitive. You probably already know this if you’ve been the business for a while. Companies who use direct mail are always looking for the next best way to beat the competition.  Many think that the solution is using better graphics, making offers more enticing, and hiring professional copywriters.  Do those things [...]

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Why B2Bs Need Direct Mail Marketing

Do you ever feel like B2Cs have it made when it comes to marketing?  It seems like it’s so much easier to come up with cool ad campaigns for a B2C product than a B2B.  After all, Salesforce has 32,000 Instagram followers compared to Nike, which has 71.6 million.  B2B marketing can feel tricky and [...]

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Direct Mail for B2Bs – Does It Work

Direct mail is a common advertising tool for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies.  People check their mailbox more thoroughly than they do their emails, many people actually enjoy receiving physical mail, and people like being able to save mailers for later use - all of which make direct mail marketing effective for B2Cs.  However, this doesn’t mean [...]

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3 Tactics to Keep from Losing Your Customers to Trigger Leads

You just started working with a new customer and already they are getting calls and direct marketing pieces from your competitors trying to undersell you. While the enemy may seem to be your competitor, the real culprit is the trigger lead. When you pull someone’s credit, the credit bureau may sell your borrower’s information to [...]

Let Humor Help Drive Your Direct Marketing Sales

When it comes to doing business, there are many aspects that you need to take into account to be successful. Customer service, hardworking employees and a great product are all important aspects to regard highly. However, your sales contribute to your bottom line. Without sales, your business would be non-existent. Regardless of what kind of [...]

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Direct Mail Response Rates: Mortgage Advertising

Direct mail is widely used throughout the mortgage industry.  There has been a perception in the marketing industry that direct mail is less effective than digital channels, but on average you can expect a 3 - 4% response rate compared to email’s average response rate of 0.12%.  This means that direct mail has a response [...]

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Titan List and Mailing Services Expands Market Reach Into the Automotive Industry

Titan List and Mailing Services, a leading direct marketing direct mail company, discusses the benefits and challenges of their expansion into the auto industry   Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc., a leading direct marketing direct mail ad agency in the mortgage industry, has recently been expanding into other industries such as automotive. “Every direct [...]

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