Direct Mail Trends for 2017

We’re sure many people are surprised to see that direct mail is still a popular and effective advertising method in 2017.  It continues to generate millions of dollars in revenue in a world of Apple watches and hoverboards!  Here are a few trends we expect will dominate direct mail this year that will optimize campaigns [...]

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Prospect Psychology in Direct Mail

Psychology has been very influential in the business world, particularly in advertising.  An advertiser needs to learn as much about their target audience as possible - what drives their buying patterns, why they choose one brand over another, how much they’re willing to spend on certain items, etc. - in order to market to them.  [...]

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USPS Price Increase Proposed: Could Your Direct Mail Be Affected?

Direct mail continues to be a viable and critical component of any marketing campaign, so its important to always stay abreast on any pricing and service changes made within the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The USPS has been losing money for years now, so they are always trying to recover some of their lost revenue [...]

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How Mortgage Shops Are Marketing to HARP 2.0 With Credit Driven Data Lists and Direct Mail

Mortgage shops are scrambling to market to HARP 2.0 prospects (Home Affordable Refinance Program). This video discusses how mortgage marketing is exploding with targeted credit driven data lists and direct mail campaigns. Mortgage leads / internet leads and pay per click keyword advertising is an expensive method that generates unqualified candidates and has a high [...]

Direct Mail Can Incorporate the 5 Senses for Mortgage Mail Campaigns

Although mortgage advertising is constantly changing with new advances in technology, direct mail still remains a reliable and widely used method. Direct marketing has been one of the most reliable forms of advertising since people were able to write a message on a medium and deliver it. Few other forms of advertising can deliver a [...]