Postcard Postage

Since we’re only in the first few weeks of January, you’re probably still hearing people say “New Year, New Me”.  This year we ask you to think “New Year, New Direct Mail Marketing Strategy”.  Instead of making you get a gym membership and swear off carbs, we challenge you to diversify your direct mail approach.  Postcards continue to be a direct mail staple.  Many businesses (especially our clients!) have seen the benefit of using postcards for their mailers.
If you’re already using postcards, great!  If you aren’t, these are three main reasons why you should add them to your marketing plan this year.

  1. They’re Affordable
    In October, USPS announced that postcard postage rates wouldn’t increase for 2017.  Postage is one thing that direct mail skeptics are always weary of.  They believe that digital media is more cost-effective because there are no postage costs.  With postcard postage remaining at the same price, there’s no excuse not to run a postcard campaign.
  2. They’re Interesting
    If you’re only using letters or snap-packs for your direct mail campaign, you should consider adding postcards into the mix.  Your prospects receive letters every day: bills, bank statements, credit card offers, etc.  The graphics, colors, and images on your postcard will stand out from the rest of their mail, making them more likely to read it.  Piquing their interest is the first step in turning them from a prospect to a customer.
  3. The “Linger” Factor
    Many argue that graphics, images, and color can be used in digital marketing, thus making postcards irrelevant.  While it’s true that emails and online ads can be just as visually appealing as postcards, they don’t have the “linger factor” that postcards do.  Emails get buried in inboxes and then deleted.  Online ads are seen and then forgotten.  Physical mail often lingers in the home.  Many people save their mail to look through it and hold onto anything important.  This allows your prospects to revisit your postcard and have the time to consider using your service.