Prescreened Data

Yes, this is another blog post about the importance of quality data in direct mail marketing.  Before you close this tab on your browser, hear us out.  This isn’t a post about any data.  This is about prescreened data.

What is prescreened data?
Prescreened data is a powerful tool in direct mail.  It’s more targeted and provides you with more information than a regular data list.  It provides you with information on consumers’ credit scores and types, which is valuable data.  Information like this helps you narrow down your target audience so that you send mailers to only the most qualified and promising leads.

Who uses prescreened data?
The mortgage, banking/financial, and auto industries use it most often.  Mortgage brokers, banks, and car companies market services and/or products for a very specific buyer.  Sending a mailer advertising luxury cars to someone with a 600 credit score and several outstanding loans would be a waste of money.  That person most likely isn’t in the market for a new Maserati.  The luxury car dealership would use prescreened data to market to people with higher credit scores with little debt.

Is prescreened data better than regular data?
Yes, yes, and yes!

The more targeted your data is, the better your results will be.  The key to success in direct mail is to have a highly targeted audience so that your product and/or service is being advertised to people who are in need of it or could use it.  Prescreened data helps you do that by narrowing down your list of mail recipients.  Less is more in direct mail.  You’ll see the best results with a segmented list sent to fewer people.

Direct mail continues to be one of the best advertising tools with one of the highest response rates, closing rates, and ROI.  Using prescreened data is just another way of optimizing a direct mail campaign to see even better results.

Using prescreened data is also another way to edge out your competitors.  Prescreened data isn’t available to just anyone.  List brokers need to be approved to sell prescreened data lists.  Instead of settling for adequate data, strive for the best.  Many businesses cut corners by purchasing the cheapest data lists that they can find.  Don’t be stingy with your data.  Upgrade to prescreened data and you’ll see a higher ROI than your corner cutting competitors.

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