Optimism Will Improve Your Sales

 Did you know that research proves that optimistic salespeople are more successful than pessimists?  In fact, studies show  that optimism outsell their pessimistic peers by 20-40%. Sounds good but what if you aren’t a natural Pollyanna?  The good  news is that even if you don’t typically view the glass as half-full, you can learn to be [...]

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Sales & Prospects: Tips for Handling a Stalled Deal

You’ve probably encountered this situation at one time or another.  You met with a prospects, felt that the two of  you were on the same page, and walked away from the meeting elated about the sale you were about to make.  Later,  you tried to pin the prospect down to close the deal and he [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: Developing Your USP

As a mortgage broker, it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competition. But how can you do that? You do so by developing your USP. In marketing, USP refers to unique selling proposition. In essence, it is that special something about your brand that sets you apart from your competitors. Once you know what your [...]

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10 Prospecting Voicemail Don’ts

Many of us may use prospecting as a method to reach new clients and probably not a day goes by when you don’t get directed to someone’s voice mail. For some, this can be an unnerving experience. But with a little forethought and preparation, leaving an intelligent-sounding and effective voice mail can be less difficult [...]

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Mortgage Industry & Thoughtfulness: A Daily Work Habit Worth Cultivating

Each day you probably engage in dozens of habits that you don’t even think twice about. You wake up in the morning, shower, check your email, drink a cup of coffee, etc. And while you probably find those habits enriching in some way, there is one daily work habit that promises the most enrichment—thoughtfulness. By [...]

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Mortgage Marketing: 7 Tips to Get Your Prospecting Emails Read

Do you know what the email open rate is for your prospects? It probably ranges between 15-20%, according to Constant Contact. That’s a fairly low number and it means that there’s lots of potential for improvement. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to increase the likelihood that your emails will be read: Get [...]

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5 Ways to Excel at Customer Service

Consumers are two times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences, says a recent report. Furthermore, 55% of consumers say that they would be willing to pay more for a better customer service experience. These statistics highlight just how important good customer service is to [...]

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Marketing: The Tip to Selling? Become A Better Listener.

Oftentimes you’ve probably heard it said that listening is one of the most important talents that a good salesperson possesses. There’s some truth to this. By being skilled in this arena, a salesperson has the opportunity to listen to a prospect’s objections, address them, and hopefully, make the sale. Yet even though most salespeople understand [...]

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