Content Marketing 3 Best Practices

With today’s explosion of digital channels, the need for constant, relevant content is demanded from marketers across all industries. Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating relevant and valuable content for your consumer. Your intention should be to change or enhance the consumer’s behavior, hopefully in the favor of your [...]

10 Tips to Writing Great Copy for Direct Mail

When utilizing direct mail, you have the ability to land your marketing piece directly in the hands of your prospect. The physical look has to be eye catching enough to catch their attention, but remember ‘content is king’ for a reason. Below are nine tips to remember when writing the copy for your direct [...]

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Mortgage Industry Marketing: How to Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Efforts

Direct mail marketing is a perfect opportunity to get your mortgage company, literally, in the hands of customers who want to hear about your services. Direct mail is a great marketing strategy to help you acquire new customers or at least generate leads to begin the conversion process. Everyday, there are direct mail success stories. [...]

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Direct Mail & Digital Media – A Dynamic Duo that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Direct mail and digital media are all too often thought of as enemies. Some claim direct mail is old school and doesn’t prove results, so digital marketing should consume your marketing efforts. No matter the rumors, it’s essential that marketers make direct mail an important part of their digital marketing strategies. Together, these two channels [...]

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Understanding the Future of the Mortgage Industry Part 2

In our last blog, we started to dive into the future of the mortgage industry. We identified that we have become an industry overtaken by process versus results, reaction versus prediction with a lack of transparency. Today, we will continue to offer some guidelines that will help set you apart from the losers in the [...]

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Understanding the Future of the Mortgage Industry Part 1

In today’s mortgage world, originating loans sometimes feels more of a process and less about the results. Beyond this process, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring ethical lending practices are being met, the separation of winners from losers in mortgage banking is controlled by how each player manages their relationships. Borrowers are more confused, with each [...]

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New Rules Affect Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker

In January 2014, new rules set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will go into effect. Mortgage brokers will face these new regulations, which ensure that mortgage brokers do not earn more profit in exchange for selling borrowers higher rates. The regulations will also help ensure that the broker does not profit from both lenders [...]

Mortgage Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2013

These days, your choices of outbound marketing tactics are numerous. A successful marketing mix could include direct mailers, paid advertising or telemarketing to name a few. When today’s borrowers are considering a mortgage, they have many resources at their fingertips to help them find the best deal. They can sift through mail, flip through a [...]

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Direct Mail Marketing and ROI: A No-Brainer for the Mortgage Industry

How full is your email inbox everyday? Sometimes it feels impossible to keep your in-box organized and clean with all the daily clutter. Some companies are abandoning the long trusted Direct Mail strategies in favor of email advertising, but there is strong evidence that still holds Direct Mail marketing as an effective advertising method to [...]

5 Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer As a Mortgage Broker

With the ever-changing regulations in the mortgage industry, borrowers are asking more questions and showing more signs of skepticism toward working with a mortgage broker. The new rules taking affect in January 2014 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will help eliminate some of the buyer’s fears; however, you should be prepared to answer [...]

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