Trigger Data- Targeting the Right People at the Right Time

Think of everything that goes into executing a direct mail campaign. Copywriting, editing, graphic design, segmenting and/or updating a mailing list, paying for print and postage. It’s a lot!  It would be a shame to spend so much time and money on a direct mail campaign for your mailers to get ignored by your recipients. [...]

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Don’t Use Any Data, Use Prescreened Data

Yes, this is another blog post about the importance of quality data in direct mail marketing.  Before you close this tab on your browser, hear us out.  This isn’t a post about any data.  This is about prescreened data. What is prescreened data? Prescreened data is a powerful tool in direct mail.  It’s more targeted [...]

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Prospect Psychology in Direct Mail

Psychology has been very influential in the business world, particularly in advertising.  An advertiser needs to learn as much about their target audience as possible - what drives their buying patterns, why they choose one brand over another, how much they’re willing to spend on certain items, etc. - in order to market to them.  [...]

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How To Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Have you ever wondered why direct mail is still so popular?  It’s a legitimate question, especially with the rising popularity of digital marketing platforms like social media, SEM and email.  We can’t deny that some of these new tools have advantages over direct mail.  Digital marketing is modern and trendy, it allows advertisers to reach [...]

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Best Practices for Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most trusted forms of advertising in the mortgage industry.  Mortgage lenders continue to be among our most popular clients due to the success their businesses have achieved using direct mail.  They love the results that direct mail marketing delivers - the high ROI, average 4.4% response [...]

Purchasing A Direct Mail List

As you likely know, your mailing list is the foundation of your direct mail campaign. It’s impossible to run a cost-effective and successful campaign without a solid, accurate list. Finding the right list isn’t an easy task.  If you search “buy direct mail data list” on Google, you’ll see pages upon pages of listings and [...]

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Ways To Ensure A Seamless Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing is still one of the most popular and profitable forms of advertising.  Marketers enjoy its benefits such as its demographic targeting abilities, high ROI and the easiness of tracking results.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or working on your first direct mail campaign, follow these tips for ensuring that your direct mail [...]

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Setting Your Direct Mail Goals

Establishing clear goals serve two main purposes in a direct mail campaign.  First of all, your goal shapes how you structure your campaign.  It helps determine your call-to-action and when to send out the mailers.  Secondly, goals allow you to measure your campaign’s success.  Without setting a goal for your campaign, you’ll have no idea [...]

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Best Writing Practices For Direct Mail Campaigns

There are two types of mail: mail that gets kept and mail that gets thrown away.  Follow these guidelines to prevent your mail from being in the latter group by writing content that will actually get read, and ultimately drive your business. A postcard or letter with multiple long paragraphs is overwhelming to look at.  [...]

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Hit the Campaign Trail Running: Mortgage Marketing

Over the years, we have all become accustom to a world of battling politics. Every election comes with its share of expensive, complex marketing campaigns that vie for the attention of our country. For months we are submerged by commercials, phone calls, direct mail, radio spots, etc. The repetition and persistence can become quite overbearing, [...]

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