Direct Mail Marketing Everything from Data Lists, Direct Mail Design, Printing, to Mailing & Postage.

Even with the advent of the internet, Direct Mail is still one of the most successful ways of reaching a targeted audience. Find out why a direct mail marketing campaign would be the right choice for your advertising campaign, and why Titan List would be the right partner to make it successful.

Why advertise with Direct Mail?

  • Target the right customers for your campaign

    Titan List is a nationwide list broker with access to every database in the country. Combined with our experience in multiple industries, we can select the best data lists to ensure your mailing's success, whether you are looking for a business database or a consumer database. We can also get very targeted by using credit data leveraging the major credit bureaus. Learn More

  • TANGIBLE advertising that builds a STRONG BRAND IDENTITY

    Unlike other forms of advertising, Direct Mail can be saved by the customer for later use. Not all customers purchase a product or service when they first see an ad, but having something tangible allows the customer to save it for future use, including coupons or samples. Also, advertising is something that has to be done on a constant basis to build a strong brand identity with potential (or even existing) customers, that may not call the first time they see an advertisement. Learn More

  • Success can be easily measured

    It's as easy as counting the number of phone calls or coupons received. We also provide custom 800 phone numbers to track the exact number of calls received, when they called, even how long a phone call lasted for. Learn More

  • Cost Effective

    Unlike other forms of advertising such as tv, radio or even other forms of print, the ROI on Direct Mail can be much higher due to using a targeted data list, and the tangibility of the physical mailprint. Even in the wake of the internet explosion, Direct Mail Marketing is still one of the most successful forms of advertising. Learn More

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