The Best Direct Mail Data For Gaining Mortgage Leads

Direct mail has been a mortgage marketing staple for years.  If you’re already advertising with direct mail you probably know how competitive it can be.  But don’t let fear of the competition keep you from using this advertising method.  Despite the competitiveness, direct mail continues to be a great way to generate new mortgage leads.  [...]

What is a Reverse Mortgage and How Does it Work

A reverse mortgage is a home equity loan for senior homeowners age 62 and older who have a small mortgage or have paid off their house.  This type of loan allows seniors to tap into the equity in their home through payments they receive from the bank based on their accumulated home equity.  It’s a [...]

Myths About Mortgage Direct Mail

Over the years, direct mail has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with.  Many companies in a wide variety of industries have driven revenue through direct mail campaigns.  In particular, the mortgage industry has had great success with these campaigns.  However, there are still many lenders out there who are on the [...]

How to Attract Mortgage Clients with Direct Mail

There is a reason why we do so much business with mortgage companies - it’s because direct mail yields amazing results.  We’re proud to say that we’ve helped our mortgage clients generate millions of dollars in closings.  In today’s post, we have five techniques to help you attract new clients when using direct mail. Instead [...]

Don’t Just Give Away Products…Giveaway Expertise: The Benefits of a Free Consultation

Direct mail campaigns work best when some sort of offer is extended (like a free consultation) along with sales letters and other components. There’s always the budget to be thought of, however. Some businesses either offer products or services that don’t make themselves conducive to discounts, or some simply can’t afford to give too much [...]

Mortgage Direct Mail Habits Guaranteed to Wreck Response Rate

We’re positive-minded people, so we tend to publish blog posts that emphasize the great things you can do when conducting a mortgage direct mail campaign. However, sometimes the best way to do the right thing is to recognize what the wrong thing is. Here are five mortgage direct mail habits that will dramatically decrease response [...]

Need Inspiration? 5 Books that Will Transform Your Sales Approach

A great salesperson needs to be optimistic, resilient, persistent, and driven.  While you probably strive to be that—and succeed most of the time—everyone has moments where they feel doubt, fear, or just simply uninspired about their career.  If you’d like to feel passionate and excited about sales again, check out these inspirational books to transform [...]

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5 Marketing Ideas for the New Year

With the new year upon us, you’ve probably thought about how you’d like to grow your business in 2014. If that’s your goal but you’re still struggling to identify a strategy, here are some useful marketing ideas to help you generate additional revenue this year. Start a Newsletter. It can’t be said often enough how [...]

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The Three Foundations of Mortgage Marketing: Part 3: Media

In parts 1 and 2 of our 3-part series, we identified the first two foundations of mortgage marketing—identifying your market and creating an effective advertising message. Now we’ll focus on the third essential, media. By media, we mean the method you’ll choose to get your message to market. Generally, there are 3 basic categories: Radio/Television [...]

3 Tactics to Keep from Losing Your Customers to Trigger Leads

You just started working with a new customer and already they are getting calls and direct marketing pieces from your competitors trying to undersell you. While the enemy may seem to be your competitor, the real culprit is the trigger lead. When you pull someone’s credit, the credit bureau may sell your borrower’s information to [...]