Postcard Postage Rates – 1 of 3 Reasons Why You Need to Send Direct Mail Postcards

Since we’re only in the first few weeks of January, you’re probably still hearing people say “New Year, New Me”.  This year we ask you to think “New Year, New Direct Mail Marketing Strategy”.  Instead of making you get a gym membership and swear off carbs, we challenge you to diversify your direct mail approach.  [...]

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Revisiting Your Mailing List

We can’t stress the importance of having a top quality mailing list for direct mail marketing. It’s essential for your campaign’s success. After having purchased a list and executing your campaign, you may be wondering what to do with it. You may wonder, can I use it again? Should I use it again? The answer [...]

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The Perfect Marketing Blend

Think of marketing like cooking.  Any cook knows that you can’t make a recipe without the right blend of ingredients.  In direct mail marketing, your “ingredients” are your data list, offer, creative, and print &mailing .  Each ingredient is needed for the perfect marketing blend that will generate leads and drive sales. The first ingredient [...]

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Purchasing A Direct Mail List

As you likely know, your mailing list is the foundation of your direct mail campaign. It’s impossible to run a cost-effective and successful campaign without a solid, accurate list. Finding the right list isn’t an easy task.  If you search “buy direct mail data list” on Google, you’ll see pages upon pages of listings and [...]

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5 Email Mistakes to Avoid

While email can offer an excellent ROI—4300% according to the Direct Marketing Association—that’s only if it’s done well.  To avoid making critical errors that will reduce your ROI, check out the top 5 email mistakes that marketers make to learn what NOT to do: Not Optimizing for Mobile.  Roughly 50% of people check their emails [...]

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Social Media in the Mortgage Industry

Social media has become a natural part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at home or at work, social media is present around us. Businesses of all sizes have benefited from the easy-to-use features of social media, and virtually every field has been affected, mostly positively, by the visibility and usability that a social [...]

10 Tips to Writing Great Copy for Direct Mail

When utilizing direct mail, you have the ability to land your marketing piece directly in the hands of your prospect. The physical look has to be eye catching enough to catch their attention, but remember ‘content is king’ for a reason. Below are nine tips to remember when writing the copy for your direct [...]

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Capturing Web Traffic through Direct Mailers

With any mortgage mailer and direct mail, it is important to include a landing page that is associated with your mail campaign.  Society over the years has progressively turned into an online mecca.  Consumers will often go online to learn more about your company.  Specifically what type of products you offer, do you have complaints, [...]

A Mortgage Marketing Firm increase sales by 400,000.

A Mortgage marketing firm Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc. increased their color output by double, which has led to an increase in over 400,000 volume requests in the month of October Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc., a mortgage marketing firm specializing in direct mail marketing, has recently doubled their color capacity due to [...]

Due To High Response Rates With Direct Mail For Refinancing, Many Shops Have Needed To Scale Down Efforts

Titan List and Mailing Services, a leading direct mail company in the mortgage industry, reports that some clients have reduced their number of mailings due to an increase in conversions, attributed to low interest rates and government implemented FHA and HARP programs.   Due to high response and loan conversion rates, Titan List and Mailing [...]

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